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  • Parvathi Krishnan

    I think the prices on this website are quite reasonable,...

  • Mandy Foo

    Just gave birth to my baby boy. This website has made...


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Parvathi Krishnan

I think the prices on this website are quite reasonable, they have a lot of good brands and also cheaper options that are quite high quality too considering the price. Super impressed when I tried buying diapers. Will definitely buy from them again.


Mandy Foo

Just gave birth to my baby boy. This website has made buying baby things so much easier and makes comparing between different brands much easier.


Kate Yong

Pretty good website. The customer service was really friendly when I was unsure about something and had to call them. The stuff I bought came really quick too.


Hui Fen

Good website, good design. Very easy to search for things that you need and the prices are pretty good too.


Effie Wong

Really like this website. A lot of products to choose from, including famous brands, and fast delivery too.


Fei Fei

Bought some baby snacks for my little precious. I like that there are so many different types that I can buy here and it's all healthy and good quality ones. My baby loves them too.


Tony Hong

My wife and I are expecting a baby so I thought I could buy some maternity stuff for her. I didn't know that there were so many things that she needs until I found this website. Thanks a lot!



We're expecting a baby soon and we've been trying to get ready for her arrival. It's really been a life-saver to be able to just compare the prices of the brands online and since they have so many brands, I don't have to go from different websites. The prices are also pretty reasonable and the delivery is really fast. Very happy.


Rathie Prishanka

Bought some cool stuff for my sister's baby. Really easy to buy and very little hassle. Also, it was on sale!


Ester Yong

Bought some clothes for my grandaughter. The design was very cute and the clothes is very high quality also. Very comfortable for her to wear.


Rachel Sayers

Useful website. It has a lot of brands so I can compare which ones to buy is best for my baby easily. It's also easier than going to store, especially for my hubby since it's so clear and simple.


Augustus Wong

My mummy bought me some new toys and clothes on here. I really like them! ^^


Anatasha Hussain

Bought some baby stuff here for my sister's baby shower. She absolutely loved it. The buying process was super easy and no hassle too. Love how it's not that expensive and has so many things. 


Odette Goh

Love how many choices they have for baby stuff on here. I can compare and decide which one is best for my darling.


Lilian Tan

Very fast delivery. Thanks.


Penny Tan

Love the design of the website. It's very easy to use.



Bought the maternity clothes as a present for my wife. She loved it so much. I like that the website is so easy to use, even for a first time father like me. 


Hannah Wong

Really useful website, makes price comparison a lot easier too since I don't have to physically go out and check prices anymore.


Ong Hui Bin

Really like the website. A lot of different brands for me to choose from.



Bought the Philip Avent stuff from this website. Fast delivery and good prices too.



Bought some of the kids furniture from here. I couldn't resist! They just looked so cute. My kids love them too. Quality is good, very solid material.


Diana Thomas

Bought some beautiful toys for my darling. She absolutely loved them! The dollhouse was truly high quality. It's a good thing I didn't have to lug it home myself because it was pretty huge!



Online shopping is really helpful to me since it's hard for me to move around. Thank god for their fast delivery too.


Wong Sue Ying

Bought the diapers from here. The Goo.N one. Quality very good and also very fast delivery. 


Priya Chandran

This website is really easy to use. The prices are quite okay also. Just wish they had more things for me to choose from.


Tanusha Aghilan

Just found this website last week. The products here are really good. I bought some things to test out and the delivery is really fast too. I was so surprised.


Goh Mei Ling

Bought baby clothes for the second child otw. As you can see, we both really love it. Good quality and cute too.



Easy to buy stuff. Only wish they had more deals.


Hannah Jones

It's definitely made shopping a lot easier. Especially since I do most of my shopping online anyways. 


Yen Nie Lim

A lot of different brands. Help me notice different brands that are available. But some name brands would be good too.


Fong Rui Fang

Nice website. Very fast delivery but not enough products. A lot of the brands never hear before.


Sarah Gan

Good website. Easy to use, fast delivery.


Helen Lee

Very satisfied. Decided to try this website out and it was pretty good!


Tina Hassan

It's a very good website. Bought some diapers and it arrived very quickly. Takes the hassle out of having to travel.


Ryan Tan

Very easy to shop and prices are not bad. Especially since there's so much less hassle. 8/10



Didn't know babies need so many things to go swimming! Lucky this website made it easy to find everything I needed.


Evonne Lau

Very useful website and fast delivery


Bella Kim

Easy to buy and fast to arrive.



Bought some diapers and had a bit ofo a problem with the delivery. The customer service was very quick in helping me and giving me feedback though. Quite satisfied.


Emily Goh

Really like this website and the customer service was very nice when there was a problem with my order. Hope they have more promotions though.


Fionna Lai

Very easy to buy things. Wish they had more well-known brands.


Sandy Gan

Lovely website. Wish they had more promotions though!


Estee How

Great website. Easy to use and the delivery was efficient as well.


Sally Boo

So happy they have twin strollers. Makes it so much easier for me. 


Vicky Tan

Good website. Wish they had more interesting deals though.



We found this website very useful. Easy to find what we need.


Esther Cheah

Prices a bit expensive but then at least I know the products are genuine and they even have brands from other countries. 



Good website, good prices. Very convenient and website is easy to use.


Tania Gan (Female, Yishun, 28)

Such a good website. I like that it's so clean and no nonsense.


Peggy Hou

Good value for money. Quite a lot of different brands too. If only there were more famous brands..


Yee Munn

Very convenient, customer service was very helpful as well.



Good website. Easy to use. Good service.


Heather Fong

Nice website. 


Adeline Phang

Really satisfied with the good customer service.


Yannie Leong

Quite useful website with fast delivery.



Being a single parent, this website makes it easier to juggle between work and taking care of my precious one. Thanks Mamahood.


Noor Fathimah

Cute website. I use it to buy diapers so I don't have to go shopping just for them.


Pushpa (Female, 36)

This website is very convenient since all the baby stuff is easy to find. Shame they don't have a lot of varieties though.


Rebecca Fong

Great website. Love the design of the promotions too! So cute!


Genna Lim

Wish they had more brands. The website is easy to use though!


Alesha Tan (27)

Love this website! Makes shopping for baby stuff a breeze. Online shopping is definitely the way to go for someone as busy as me.


Ruby Yap (27, Female, East side)

Love this website. Even when I'm very busy, I can still manage to buy all I need for my baby.


Yong Wai

Thanks Mamahood. So easy to buy baby things here!



Very thankful for the customer service on this website. They really helped me when I was in a pinch!



With this website, shopping has been a lot easier! Only wish they had more stuff so that I can just buy everything at once here. 



I like the deals you have! And the voucher also helps me save some money on neccessities. Keep it up1


Max Low

Thanks Mamahood for making shopping so much easier. Now since my wife doesn't need to do all the shopping, she's in a better mood too!



The deals here are quite good. When you think about it, can be cheaper than outside since I can save on transport. A lot of well-known brands also so not bad.


Sania Atina

Sangat senang jika saya lazy nak pergi luar beli barang.



Great website. Got my package sent to me very quickly.


Siew Hua

Oh my god! There's so many things here to buy for my newborn! @@ Have to have a lot of self control not to buy all the cute stuff for my precious. Ha ha


Yi Ling

My girl loves to beg me to buy things she finds here! There's just too many things that she likes! Help!


Katherine Mok

Love this website. 10/10


Amy Tham

This website is so helpful since I'm not very mobile now with the pregnancy, and I don't have to worry about my child running around the store too. Also, it gets delivered to my doorstep so I don't have to worry about carrying the things too.


Zoelaikha Thea

The promotions and offer on this website! OMG! So cheap!! And the free shipping! Can't stop buying. Lol


Mandy Chong

Look at my baby! So cute right? Anyways, great website. Service is excellent.


Mariana Popah

Like the picture, I really love this website! As busy as I am, this really saves me the time of having the take the train or bus to the store. I just need to load up the page and everything is in my fingertips! The only complaint I have is that you're making me spend too much money!


Saik Ley

Bought this for my little baby but my elder one has practically claimed it as hers! They really love this toy, sometimes even fighting over it. I think I might need to buy a second one so that they'll both be happy!


Andy Lau

Makes my life very easy, especially when my wife tells me to get something for the baby. I just need to click and it'll be done! Everyone is happy. Thanks for saving me from my wife's anger, especially when I forget!


Sasha Belani

Very convenient, and prices are alright. The main problem I have is that there are not enough products. Please work on that. Other than that, pretty good website.


Kylie Woo

Very convenient service. I no longer need to worry when buying large items about how I'm going to carry them home and through the train. All I need to do is just click and purchase, and it'll be delivered right to my doorstep.


Nabihah Idrananda

This website is very senang to use. Eveything is laid out so easily and the sales! I didn't think buying baby things can be so fun.


Kim Chew

Quite happy with the things I bought from here. Quality and price not bad. Shipping also quite fast. Good job. Keep it up.


Vera Tan

Bought the Sophie Giraffe toy for my boy. He absolutely loves it! To the point that he can't stop chewing it. Ha ha.


Angie Liew

So fun to just browse through this website and see what new baby products that I can get for my precious whenever I'm free. The only part of me getting tired is my finger!


Joanne Poon

So easy for me. Bought a lot of things and the best thing is, don't even need to carry it all the way home! It just gets delivered right to my door in good condition. Thank you so much.


Michael Jones (38, Male, Singapore)

I bought one of the diaper bags from Simple Dimple. As a single father, it is quite difficult for me to be able to find things like this that I can bring along everywhere with my child and not be stared at. I especially like the Superman design on it. Besides that, once my child gets over the diaper stage, I can still find use for it! It really is great. Glad I found this website. 


Fiona Lai

The website is so easy to use. Not enough products available though.


Anna Tan

Thank you for making shopping easy for moms! I could even buy things during my confinement with no hassle. Keep it up!


Andrew Mannings (40, Male, Singapore)

Got this toy for my boy as a companion. Now he won't let it go for anything! Thanks for everything.


Andrea Ong

Bought this blooming bath for my baby. She loves it! Must be because it is so comfortable. Not my baby in the picture by the way!



Found a lot of cute clothes for my cute baby. My baby loves them too!


Felicia Teh (30, Female, Singapore)

Quite satisfied, wish they had more products available.


Jasmine Chong

Very satisfied. Quick to respond when I had a problem with my delivery.


Mathilda (40,Female, JB)

Let's shopping.



I was shopping for baby and maternity products and was very surprised by how many types of products this website has. The website is also easy to use, which is good for someone like me who’s not very good with technology. The deals are also so attractive that I can’t help spending my money!



10/10 would buy from this website again. Very satisfied with the service.



Surprisingly good service. I was trying out online shopping and came upon this website on accident. Decided to give it a try and was very pleasantly surprised by the speediness of delivery. Definitely will buy more things from this website again.



Very convenient for a mum like me who has issues with travelling because everything is delivered right to my doorstep! Delivery is also very speedy so I don’t need to keep worrying about running out of diapers for my baby.


Candy Lim

I bought some toys from this website. It was a very good price and the toys came very quickly, in time for my son's birthday.