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Sanitise and Stay Safe 

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Immune Booster, Diaper, Formula Milk & More - Stay Safe during the Outbreak!

In the wake of the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak and the recent Influenza all over the world, parents are urged to keep sanitising, maintain the hygiene, cleanliness, and disinfect any surfaces around you. Wear a face mask when you are outside, put on the kid's face mask on your children, bring along a travel hand sanitizer and disinfectant wet wipes, and better, a surface cleaner so you can clean any surfaces or utensils when you are eating outside. 

Drink a lot of warm water, stay hydrated and boost up your immune system with Vitamin C. Stay protected and stock up on your hand sanitizer and other protective gears only from today.


Berikutan wabak Wuhan Coronavirus dan Influenza yang membahayakan seluruh dunia, ibu bapa digalakkan untuk sentiasa menjaga kebersihan, 'sanitise' dan membasmi kuman pada permukaan disekeliling anda. Dimana sahaja anda dan ahli keluarga berada, pakai topeng muka ketika berada diluar, gunakan sarung tangan sekiranya anda perlu menyentuh permukaan yang disentuh ramai orang, sanitize tangan dengan hand-sanitizer, dan sentiasa basuh tangan dengan bersih. telah kumpulkan produk-produk yang membantu menjaga kebersihan anda sekeluarga di ruang "Sanitise & Stay Safe!". Dapatkan hand sanitizer, wet wipes yang membasmi kuman, dan sebagainya hanya di hari ini!


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